HVAC Filter Replacement in Pembroke Pines

Never forget about replacing your AC filter again. We handle AC filter replacement in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

If you ask any HVAC technician what the single most important step in AC maintenance is, they will always reply “changing the filter.” AC filter replacement is crucial to protecting the internal parts of the air conditioner as well as providing your family or customers with clean, dust-free air. At Temp Engineering in Pembroke Pines, we want to help ensure that you don’t forget about this most crucial part of AC maintenance. Our technicians can handle your filter replacement so that you can be sure that you have the correct filter being changed often enough to keep your air and machinery clean.

Have you neglected AC filter changes in the past? A dirty evaporator coil may be robbing you of efficiency. Call today for evaporator coil services and restore lost cooling power.

Signs You Need Filter Replacement Services

It’s ok if you don’t know the ins and outs of replacing your air filters. However, you should always do your best to try and recognize when you need to change your air filter. Look out for these signs that indicate you need filter replacement services:

  • You Keep Forgetting: It’s all too easy to forget to replace your filters. Hiring a filter replacement service takes the guesswork out of the task and ensures that it gets done on a schedule.
  • Your Air Quality is Low: Dirty filters will allow dust to build up in the air and on surfaces in your home. This can lead to allergy and sinus problems as well as dingy and dirty surfaces.
  • Repair Bills are Mounting: If dust is building up in the air, it is also building up inside your air handler and ductwork. This will lead to premature breakdowns and high maintenance and repair bills.
  • High Cooling Bills: Dirty filters reduce the airflow around the house. This leads to longer cycling and higher bills. It can also be noticed in a reduction of air pressure from the cool air coming from the vents around the home.

One call to Temp Engineering and we can solve all of these problems. We are your local AC and heater filter replacement experts!


How Often Should Filter Replacement Happen?

This question is one that is asked a lot. The answer is: it depends. In a low-dust environment in a home without pets, a filter should last 6 months. If you change your filter on your own, most people try to shoot for once a quarter. For homes near roadways or beaches or homes that have dogs or cats, filters may need to be changed every month.

At Temp Engineering, we are air quality experts. We can help you find the filter that you need to meet your expectations and we can help you determine how often to replace it. When you call us for help, we can help you immediately start enjoying high-quality air and low cooling bills.

Looking for more solutions for your indoor air quality? Be sure to ask about our air cleaner and filtration services.

Why You Should Get Help From the Professionals

Well-intentioned DIYers will often try to handle filter replacement on their own. However, people that do this on their own miss out on the perks that professional help can give them. When a professional replaces your air filter, there are several extra things that you get. First, you get a qualified professional to help you determine the proper frequency of filter changes. This will improve your air quality and lower your cooling bills.

Second, the professional will notice any problems that might be brewing that you might miss. This can help you adjust your AC maintenance schedule or schedule preemptive repairs so that you aren’t left without service in the heat of the summer.

Temp Engineering is committed to your satisfaction. Call us today to start getting the benefits from professional AC filter replacement!

Don’t suffer from high bills and low-quality air. Temp Engineering can handle all of your filter replacement needs in Pembroke Pines. Call (954) 869-5505 today and start saving money on your AC maintenance.