Dehumidifier Installation in Pembroke Pines

The high humidity in South Florida can add extra work to your air conditioner. Get a dehumidifier and feel the difference! We proudly service Broward and Miami-Dade counties!

The humidity that is in indoor air is one of the key elements of good indoor air quality. When the air has too much humidity it can encourage mold growth that can lead to health problems. Air with high humidity also feels uncomfortable and isn’t as efficient at keeping you cool. In South Florida, high humidity is a pretty constant problem. It can lead to clammy feeling spaces that leave your family and clients feeling sticky. At Temp Engineering in Pembroke Pines, we want to help you keep your spaces feeling great. One way to do that is to install a dehumidifier.

Do you have respiratory issues because your air is too dry? Installing a humidifier may be just what you need.

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

A dehumidifier uses simple principles to remove excess humidity from your air. Just like how a mirror gets foggy during a hot shower, a dehumidifier uses condensation to dry out the air. A dehumidifier operates much like an air conditioner in that it uses refrigerant to create a cold coil that air is blown across. As the air moves across the cooled coil, moisture condenses and drains away.

Dehumidifiers can be found as small units or they can be installed as whole-home dehumidifiers. A whole-home dehumidifier works automatically in conjunction with your home’s central AC unit so that it conveniently lowers the humidity around the house.

Benefits of AC Dehumidifier Installation

If you’ve noticed that you’ve had problems with excess humidity in your home, you could be missing out on all of the benefits that having drier air could give you. Some of the reasons to install a whole-home dehumidifier are:

  • Lower Cooling Bills: Drier air allows sweat to evaporate more quickly. This leaves you feeling cooler despite the actual temperature in a room. As a result, cooling equipment can work more efficiently.
  • More Comfort: Moist air has a heavy and clammy feel along with feeling warmer. Drier air feels more pleasant to be in as well as feeling cooler.
  • Better Health: Moisture encourages the growth of mold, mildew, and dust mites. All of these can contribute to respiratory issues like asthma and allergies.

Looking for more ways to keep your home healthy? Be sure to ask about our air cleaners and filtration - the first step in a healthier home.

AC Dehumidifier Repair

If you have a dehumidifier and you notice that your home isn’t as comfortable as it once was, you may need dehumidifier repairs. Some of the common repair needs for dehumidifiers are:

  • Drain Problems: Dehumidifiers need to drain condensation somewhere. They usually share a drain with your AC system. These lines can become clogged to the point that water backs up and trips safety devices to prevent them from running.
  • Coil Issues: Coil issues can come from a refrigerant leak or filters that haven’t been replaced. When dirty filters are left in service, grime can build up on the coils and prevent them from removing moisture from the air.
  • Compressor Problems: Compressors can start having problems just like in an AC. When this happens, a technician from Temp Engineering can quickly replace it and restore your dehumidifier to service.

Temp Engineering is the local choice for dehumidifier repair and installation. If you’ve noticed that your air feels heavy and stifling, let us help you by installing a new dehumidifier. Our licensed and insured professionals will find the right piece of equipment for you and install it at a great price. You will quickly notice the difference that having high quality indoor air can make in your life.

Don’t suffer from low-quality, humid air stagnating in your home. Install a dehumidifier from Temp Engineering. Call (954) 869-5505 today to schedule your dehumidifier repair or installation.