Heater Installation in Pembroke Pines

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Florida is not at all known for its frosty winters, but even the coastal areas of the state can get uncomfortably chilly when the winter months come around. Neglecting your heater, even in a warm climate can leave you out in the cold. Instead of taking chances with your heating equipment, get help from the professionals at Temp Engineering. Our team of licensed experts is ready to help with all of your heating needs. We can help design the perfect system for your home or business and install it quickly so you can stay comfortable through the chilly months.

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When to Replace a Heater

There are many signs that may precede major issues with a heating system. It may not be just a temporary fluke and may need the attention of a professional. If you do notice any of the following symptoms, you may need to look into heater replacement.

  • Age: If the system is more than 15 years old, there is a good chance that problems are going to develop in the near future that will require a complete heating replacement. Parts wear out and replacements cannot be found, and it becomes less expensive simply to replace the whole unit.
  • Loud fans: Does the unit seem to be making more noise than usual? Is the fan making it harder and harder to have conversations while it is running? This is an indication that you may need to look into heating replacement.
  • Lack of Heat: The air coming from the vents this winter does not seem as comfortably warm as usual. It may not be that there is an extra chill in the air this season. Your heater may not be functioning up to snuff.
  • Burning Smell: If a heating unit has not been properly cleaned and maintained, debris and waste can end up obstructing the unit and can cause a slight smell of burning when the unit is operating. As a unit ages, it gets harder and harder to prevent this buildup and may lead to a need for a heater replacement.

Options for Heater Installation

While most heating issues can be handled with a repair, in some cases, full replacements are needed. Whether your system is dealing with constant repairs or is simply underpowered to heat your home in its entirety, a new unit can make a big difference. For a Pembroke Pines home, there are three common options for central heating installation. They are:

  • Furnaces: These units are the least expensive option and are fairly easy to maintain. They must have a fuel source, either electricity or gas, so if these lines are not already available, that will be an additional cost.
  • Heat Pump: This heating system is combined with a central air conditioning system to use the compressor coils to create heat for the house instead of cooling it. This will use the same delivery system as the air conditioning system, so if the ductwork is in place, this would be the ideal system for a home or business.
  • Geothermal Heating: This central heating system uses the ground itself to regular the temperature in your home. It is eco-friendly and is very economical because it uses less energy than other systems. It does have a high initial cost, as installation of an underground circulation system must be installed and this may well affect the landscaping of your yard. If there is a leak in the pipes for the conducting fluid, it can cause groundwater contamination.

These options provide a range of pros and cons and can all be installed and serviced by our professional heating and cooling experts.

Looking to keep your existing system running? Be sure to ask about our heating tune-up services, and get your heater ready for winter.

Why Choose Us?

The HVAC experts at Temp Engineering are highly trained in the latest technologies as well as all units that are currently on the market. With 40 years of experience under our belts, we have answers for all your heating and cooling needs.

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